Product Picture
HKJ-35D - Feed Machine
Product Parameters




Powder feed                      3 -7t/h

Pellet feed                       3-7t/h

Crumbler feed                    3-5t/h

Mixer                           CV  5%

Pellet temperature after cooler       Less higher than room temperature 5°

Moisture of pellet                 13% (moisture of raw material  13%)

Pellet rate                        95%

Boiler                           0.4 Mpa 0.2t/h supply by client

Power supply                     380V 50Hz three phrase four lines166.55kw(capacity power)

Compress air                     0.6MP 5.5KW Compress air machine supply by buyers

Measure of the whole equipment      9.5 m * Width: 7 m * Height: 12 m