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Product Parameters

 Product  Application

Suitable for Swiss candy, nougat, milk candy, toffee candy, fruit candy, soft candy and so on .



This machine is boiling and gas feeding together , It improved outpur and finished cnady will be more bigger and delicious and more stable . This machine adopts double vacuum low temperature boiling, It is increase heating area, the boiling speed will be more faster.

1Cooker adopts ball form big power mixing & Frequency

     conversion to make gas feeding reach maximum.

2Stable operation , operation and maintenance easy.

3Temperature automatic control and automatic alarm.

4Can be customized according to customer requirements.


Technical Parameter

Packing ability                   700kg 

Power                          380VAC

Power                          27KW

Air compressor                   0.7-0.9 MPa

Air comsumption                 Max6000L/h

Steam comsumption:cooker        0.8 MPa

Connection pipe                 0.1 MPa

Mixed cooker                   0.5 MPa

 Water                         60~80

Overall size                     3300 x 1250 x 3100mm

Weight                         2500kg

Volume                         0.33m3