Product Picture
HYDGJ-600 - Type Double Color Cake Machine
Product Parameters

 Applications  And  Features

HYDGJ- 600 double color cake machine  make a new chapter of the cake field, it can produce cake with two colors and two tastes. Firstly, this cake gives visual enjoyment and freshness . Secondly, one cake will provide you two different tastes , you will get two different feelings by one cake.

HYDGJ- 600 double color cake machine with reasonable structure , simple operation, steady running, high efficiency. It is controlled by PLC and accurate to deposit.





Daily   output             3.5~4.5t

Appearance  sixe           3320 x 1080 x 1400mm

Weight                    800kg



Processes  Flow

Mixing   Forming   Bading    Cooling   Sterilization   Packaging